Buy back credits: how to put the odds on its side?

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To take out a loan with a bank, certain conditions must be met in order to validate the transaction. To buy back credits, you also need to bring together different elements essential to making your case a reality.


A reliable file to have your credits grouped

A reliable file to have your credits grouped

For specialized establishments, a good file is necessary since it makes it possible to analyze the feasibility of the operation and to study the creditworthiness of the borrower. Whether for banks or other financial organizations, stable income guarantees significant financial sustainability for the success of the buyout.

In addition, good management of the debtor’s bank accounts over the years attests that the economic behavior of the beneficiary is stable. During the months preceding the request for credit consolidation, it is important to avoid repayment incidents or repeated overdrafts.


The essential elements not to be overlooked in the case of a loan buy-back

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A borrower will be even more likely to be successful in buying back loans if they have good collateral. A mortgage, a surety or a guarantor with a stable professional and financial situation corresponds to the terms of the lenders.

Other elements can work in your favor. To assure the organization that your request is considered, it is essential to prepare all the documents and supporting documents necessary for the request.

These documents are essential for a personalized study of the debtor’s situation and to propose solutions adapted to his repayment capacities.


The levers to watch closely when buying a loan

credit loans

Borrowers pay particular attention to the conditions of the contract they will sign and the costs inherent in setting up such a financial transaction. The interest rate applied when combining credits and the total duration of the operation are decisive factors. It is the addition of the two which makes it possible to lower the amount of the monthly payments and to increase the daily budget of the beneficiary.

Borrower insurance is also an important element and must be taken into account in the calculation of the transaction in order to cover the possible risks of non-repayment. In addition, it is essential to know the fees charged to this service.

Note that the repurchase of credits can be a solution in the case of a high debt or when the monthly payments are too large, no longer allowing the subscriber to pay his everyday expenses.