Align financial management solutions to meet your evolving business needs



Having the right financial management solutions for your organization can be the difference between just staying in business and being successful.

Fierce competition means that organizations must continually seek and improve their efficiency and productivity or be overtaken by their competitors.

And yet, many financial information systems are at odds with efficiency.

Finance teams spend far too much time on manual and administrative tasks, often due to spreadsheet-based systems. Local systems that have reached their breaking point often require constant maintenance and workarounds. Information siled on spreadsheets and in disjointed systems means that it is difficult to access reports across the enterprise.

Join us to learn how to increase the performance of your financial reporting system to better meet the changing needs of your business and to position yourself to excel. Find out how to minimize manual processes and reduce waste and errors, while giving your business decision-makers real-time access to critical information.

By the end of this webinar, you will know:

  • How actionable reports and analysis of your financial system help your business thrive and grow
  • Ways to automate and streamline your financial decision making and connect it to operational logistics – and where to start
  • The types of workflows and tasks that should be automated – and some that shouldn’t
  • How financial data can be better collected, stored and analyzed to prepare for the future
  • How to better balance resources against deadlines, quality requirements and budgets
  • Proven ideas to make your budgeting and forecasting more efficient, even on your existing system
  • Financial management technology purchasing considerations and features to look for

Duration: 60 minutes

Your speaker:

Michelle Coussens, business strategist

Michelle Coussens is a frequently sought-after speaker for many types of organizations on a wide range of workplace topics including, but not limited to, talent management, security and business continuity and l financial acuity. In 2020, she created and presented over 40 highly regarded presentations for many organizations around the world.

She is an ingenious, resilient and relentless business professional who has demonstrated her success in creating new programs, achieving short-term efficiencies and improving long-term effectiveness through innovation, rigor and courageous leadership. She has direct experience with a variety of industries, as well as in consulting, education, and non-profit organizations.


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