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The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller recently recognized the budget and resource management teams of Army Materiel Command and its subordinates with eight awards.

Divisions and individuals were recognized for their work in areas such as budgeting, cost savings and financial management.

“It’s fantastic to be recognized, especially at the Army level,” said Christina Freese, deputy chief of staff for resource management, who also won Comptroller of the Year. . “This is a testament to the significant contributions we made to the AMC business and the military as a whole last year.”

The G-8, comprised of Army budget and resource experts, is the Army’s lead in matching available resources to the Army’s defense strategy and plan. Through resource management, materiel integration, and analysis and modeling capabilities, the G-8 is able to support soldiers by balancing current force requirements with future force capabilities.

The entire AMC G-8 office was honored as an Outstanding Financial Management Organization for its work on close-out procedures during fiscal year 2021. In support of Operation Allies Welcome, the he G-8 team successfully closed over $40 billion in funding and approvals. Additionally, the team has developed centralized reporting and analysis capabilities to give management a better operational view of the year-end budget.

“It was a lot of work on our team’s part, in addition to day-to-day operations,” said Colonel Samuel Glover, AMC G-8 military deputy. “We are pleased to have a team of experts who understand the importance of leveraging both skill and character to support the mission.”

Freese and Tanya Willis, Chief of the G-8 Fiscal Integration and Costing Division, recognized for their leadership in budget execution while operating under COVID-19 constraints and synchronizing fiscal oversight of the Operation Allies Welcome program. Aaron Okoro, head of the G-8 Resources, Acquisitions and Support Division, received his award for creating an approach to category management that created process improvements that resulted in savings of nearly $100. million dollars for command.

Glover said the AMC G-8’s most important mission is recharging the fighter. The work that the bureau and subordinate command offices do every day ensures that the combatant commands, military and forward deployed civilians can execute their mission to win the nation’s wars.

“AMC G-8 always makes sure we have the right resources in the right place at the right time,” Glover said. “We couldn’t do this without the great dialogue and partnership we have with our great AMC staff and Mission Support Commands as we both come together to care for our forward deployed combatants and civilians. .”

AMC Enterprise ASA, FM&C Award winners include:

• Budgeting: Tanya Willis, AMC

• Budgeting: Katie Hape-Baker, Facility Management Command

• Cost Savings Initiatives, Analysis and Evaluation: Aaron Okoro, AMC

• Education, Training and Career Development: Travis Phillis, Joint Ammunition Command

• Controller/Assistant Controller: Christina Freese, AMC

• Controller/Assistant Controller: Samuel Barnes, IMCOM-Europe

• Outstanding Financial Management Organization: AMC G-8

• Outstanding Financial Management Organization: Financial Management Command


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