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OKLAHOMA CITY, February 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BOK Financial Insurance (BOKFI), a division of BOK Financial Corporation, based in Tulsa, partners with companies to develop employee benefits and risk management strategies that improve the general well-being of the company and its employees. BOK Financial Insurance focuses its growth trajectory on Oklahoma and Texas as an expansion of its employee benefits business that has supported customers in Colorado and Arizona for the past decade.

BOKFI comprises a team of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of health and wellness plans, specializing in the areas of benchmarking and analysis, HR advocacy and compliance, strategies intelligent cost containment, wellness programs, benefits administration technology and employee engagement.

“The expansion of BOKFI’s employee benefits brokerage and advisory services provide the opportunity to add value to our clients’ decision-making,” said Todd McLean, President of BOK Financial Insurance. “Benefits are typically one of the top four expenses on an income statement, and benefits are essential to retaining and recruiting quality employees. Now our Oklahoma and Texas customers have access to these services which were primarily available in other states in which we operate. “

BOK Financial Insurance‘s expanded operations will be based in Oklahoma City and will focus on supporting clients of the employee benefits practice in Oklahoma and Texas. Jessica McCool, regional operations consultant, will lead the expansion effort. After starting her career in a pharmacy benefit account management role, McCool recently worked as a benefit consultant, focusing primarily on self-funded large accounts. Jessica grew up on an Oklahoma ranch and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and her MBA from the University of Oklahoma City.

“Jessica is committed to the Oklahoma business community and local providers of various benefits,” McLean said. “We appreciate the opportunity to provide additional and meaningful service to our Oklahoma customers. Oklahoma City is growing and we are happy to grow up with this great city.

The BOK Financial Insurance team aims to partner with business leaders to create a culture of employee health.

“Employee education and well-being are no longer optional; these are critical business priorities and every employee has a role, ”said Reed Smith, executive vice president and head of employee benefits practice at BOKFI. “We strive to help employers embrace a culture of health and educate employees on how to make consumer-based financial decisions. With this expansion, we look forward to inspiring a culture of health and wellness for businesses in Oklahoma and Texas.

BOK Financial Insurance, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: BOKF). BOK Financial Insurance provides employee benefits and risk management advisory services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations in the Rockies and Midwest regions. BOK Financial Corporation is a regional, more than $ 40 billion financial services company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with more than $ 80 billion in assets under management and administration. Through its subsidiaries, BOK Financial Corporation provides commercial and consumer banking, brokerage, investment, trust and insurance services, mortgage services and services, as well as an electronic funds transfer network. For more information visit


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