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Good afternoon from London. Virtual worlds are not just for games, but they could be a way to develop leadership skills. Also, if you want information on the MBA, make sure you are free on Wednesday February 23, 2022.

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Andrew Hill’s management challenge

The metaverse – as Facebook and Microsoft loudly tout – is likely to be an ineffective vehicle for traditional advertising, but it could be an interesting place to boost and accelerate leadership skills. This is one of the conclusions the researchers drew when they looked at how businesses and people interacted with an earlier virtual world, Second Life, as I mentioned in this week’s column.

My management challenge this week is to use the same magical thinking that Mark Zuckerberg applied in imagining the metaverse and think of ways, wacky and serious, in which you could use an alternate 3D universe to make organizations work better. Send suggestions via one-dimensional email to [email protected].

Last week I asked how you would propose to get into a “state of flux”. Exupère tax offers the age-old method of writing a list. “I find that the momentum you can create by checking off items on a list and observing its quantifiable impact on a primary overarching goal, is incredibly rewarding,” he writes.

For further reading, MIT Sloan Management Review published a practical guide to delegation by Lebene Soga, Ben Laker, Yemisi Bolade-Ogunfodun and Marcello Mariani, as a key to strengthening remote teams. It is based on their study of communication between 1,200 managers and the staff of a Fortune 500 company. “Delegation is a skill like playing chess or playing guitar,” they say. “Don’t expect to be instantly good at it, but if you start now you will improve over time. “

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Alumni whose EMBAs were not funded were less likely to earn above the average base salary, write Sam Stephens and Leo Cremonezi. Those who work in finance, banking, and fintech earn the highest salaries. Salaries below are in US dollars, adjusted for purchasing power parity.

Graph showing areas above and below average alumni base salary, by financial sponsorship ($)

See the full EMBA ranking and read a more in-depth analysis.

Overview of employment and careers

How social media rewrote the rules of engagement between employers and staff – and workers are not holding back.

A behavior specialist also reveals how to get a raise.

Adidas will ask employees to voluntarily share personal data about their ethnicity, nationality, gender identity and sexual orientation as part of efforts to improve diversity within the company.

Amanda Rajkumar admits the decision makes some people nervous, but says the information will help measure progress © Christine Blei / Adidas

Find out how the head of voting technology firm Smartmatic – whom Trump and his allies accuse of fraud – faced the crisis he created and death threats.

Read career advice from a Big Four tax accountant looking for an interesting career.

What is your knowledge of current events?

Take our quiz of 10 questions.

Top Business School Reads Last Week

Barclays chief Jes Staley resigns over Epstein investigation The disgraced financier was a key client of JPMorgan’s private bank, which Staley ran.

Jes Staley

Jes Staley is the latest finance personality to fall due to his relationship with Jeffery Epstein © Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Musk urged to sell 10% stake in Tesla after hosting Twitter poll The head of the electric car company promises to respect the decision of users of the platform to affect $ 20 billion in shares.

Elon musk

Tesla is required by US regulators to verify all communications from Elon Musk that could affect its share price, after falsely tweeting that Tesla was about to be taken over © REUTERS

Fed to start canceling $ 120 billion monthly stimulus package The central bank is forecasting a decline in bond purchases as the US economy faces rampant inflation.

The downsizing process is expected to start in mid-November, suggesting that the stimulus program will end in June 2022 © Stefani Reynolds / Bloomberg

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