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CHARLES TOWN — Jefferson County Clerk Jacki Shadle appeared before the county commission on Thursday to discuss several issues, including a classification change for employees in the clerk’s office and how the county’s financial duties should be managed.

Shadle requested that eight employees in the Clerk’s Office have their employee classification reviewed – which she says should have been done several years ago when the county instituted a classification system, but it was never completed . The commission voted to reclassify two probation clerks, four registration clerks and two voter clerks from grades 2 to 4 on the county system, as well as move the deputy chief to a 7th grade from a 6th year.

Although the change is budget-neutral for the Clerk’s department, Commission Chairman Caleb Hudson reminded Shadle that the upcoming budget could be affected.

Shadle then switched tracks and began reading to the party commissioners from a recently completed report by the West Virginia State Auditor outlining county clerk duties that had previously been performed by employees of the office of the county commission.

Shadle spent a lot of time commenting on the county clerk’s role regarding the county’s financial system, known as the Tyler system. Since the Tyler system has been designated the official record-keeping system for the county, Shadle advised that the clerk, as the official county record-keeper, should have full access to the system, as noted in the report from the verifier.

“The Jefferson County Clerk and IT Manager will be the only ones with administrative access to Tyler,” Shadle read. “No other county employees will have administrative access to the Tyler system without written approval from the Jefferson County Clerk.”

Shadle also referenced the county budget, saying the auditor’s findings show that “although the commission is permitted by law to prepare the county budget, the county clerk should oversee the budget at the using a budget control report… The county clerk’s office will need to receive copies of budget revisions so that he can apply those revisions to the budget control report.

Shadle’s presentation and request for approval of a financial system access and approval policy came after the county’s chief financial officer recently resigned. In the past, many of the tasks that Shadle claims belonged to the county clerk’s office were handled by the chief financial officer under the direction of the county commission. The county is currently advertising for the position of chief financial officer, making it time to reevaluate where the duties should fall.

Shadle presented a detailed policy proposal for the Commissioners. The group has decided to review the policy and plans to return and address any potential changes at the next regular county commission meeting on November 17.

In the meantime, Jefferson County Administrator John Nissel said he had advertised for a position of director of financial management and would schedule interviews, noting with potential employees that the job description could to change.

“My aim is to have a candidate in front of you at the next commission meeting,” Nissel told commissioners on Thursday.


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