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Lucknow: Everyone should have knowledge about money management as it can come in handy in difficult situations like the Covid-19 pandemic, said Nageshwar Rao, Director, IGNOU, while suggesting people take courses online finance available on the government portal SWAYAM, an online portal learning platform.
He was speaking at an international seminar on “Post-Covid Challenges and Opportunities in the Financial Sector” held at the National PG College (NPGC) on Saturday. The seminar was jointly organized by NPGC Trade Department and Awoke India.
“There are more than 700 online courses on the SWAYAM government portal and enrolling in any of the courses can help a person learn a lot about finance and how to manage it in a difficult situation like Covid-19,” said Rao.
Former Head and Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business at the Delhi School of Economics, Professor BP Singh said: “The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is having a big impact on India’s financial economy, in reason for which there is an increase in the price of oil in the country.
Speaking at a conference on “geopolitical risk”, he said a plan should be made in advance to deal with a possible increase in inflation due to the impact of foreign trade in the United States.
“Crude oil prices have reached their highest level in seven years, which will affect the financial savings of the small and medium-sized business class in India,” he said. NPGC Director Devendra Kumar Singh said: “Covid-19 has brought many unexpected changes to the financial sector. There is a need to educate academics about the challenges of the new era which are particularly severe in emerging markets.

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