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Hello from London. We all love gifts that keep on giving. However, there should be rules about these benefits in the workplace to keep us on a moral track. Please share your ideas and we’ll print the best in the next newsletter.

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News Roundup

The results of tomorrow’s MBA survey More than a third of those interested in an MBA would consider bypassing business schools and studying with alternative online providers led by the Power MBA, Coursera and Quantic, according to a survey of more than 1,100 prospective students in 25 countries.

The largest proportion said they would still prefer a full-time, two-year MBA, with particular emphasis on general business and financial skills as well as expertise in digital and artificial intelligence, according to Tomorrow’s MBA, a survey by consulting firm CarringtonCrisp.

Entrepreneurship course Thunderbird School of Global Management offers a free five-course, 15-credit online certificate in Global management and entrepreneurship. Designed to reach 100 million learners in 40 languages, it was funded by a $25 million gift from Francis and Dionne Najafi.

Climate and Sustainability Teaching Cases The best studies help students grasp the complex trade-offs that sustainability demands. Discover our winners.

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Andrew Hill’s Management Challenge

“Professionalism” may not be all it’s made out to be. According to a new study, the higher a manager’s sense of professionalism, the more likely they are to accept a gift or bribe. Worse, as I explain in my column, high-level professionals may be more susceptible to unconscious biases toward gift givers. Small gifts can also have more influence than we think.

For my management challenge, what would be your ideal gift policy to keep managers on an ethical path? A general ban on receiving any gift or hospitality? A threshold above which such gifts are prohibited? Or something else? Send your concise ideas to [email protected]and if you have experienced the harmful effects of giving or receiving gifts, share them.

In further readingSarah Todd addresses the issue how workplace culture will be affected by remote and hybrid working for Quartz. “There are downsides to working for an organization that puts a lot of emphasis on connections and community in the name of culture,” she points out, and if workers feel more detached from their employer, post-pandemic , “this can be good news for people’s lives in general”.

Data line: Environmental, social and governance education

Taught MBA and EMBA programs in Europe devote a greater proportion of their courses to ESG compared to Masters in Management courses, according to data from the FT Rankings. About a third of MiM programs, a mostly European degree, devote 10% or less of their curriculum to ESG, write Sam Stephens and Leo Cremonezi.

Chart showing how much do degrees spend on ESG?  (%)

A more in-depth analysis of FT’s European Business School Rankings is available here.

Overview of work and careers

What does it take to recruit and retain staff in a tight market? Employers around the world are rolling out compensation, benefits and training to address labor shortages.

We’ll pay for our hybrid work freedoms with more hot-desking A workspace of one’s own gives a sense of place, but unused office space costs businesses a lot.

Trinny Woodall: From fashion guru to founder of a beauty empire The former TV presenter learned crucial lessons after a business failure at the height of the dotcom boom.

Trinny Woodall© Charlie Bibby/FT

Hone your storytelling skills to earn a raise Use behavioral science to help you create a narrative and shape the conversation in your favor.

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US stocks are reversing severe losses as buyers enter the record day for trading since October 2020, when vaccine test results were announced and the election approached.

Russia plans to target Ukrainian capital in ‘blitzkrieg’, UK warns Alarm goes off as NATO members put forces on hold as Russian ally Belarus responds with their own deployments.

A map showing the buildup of Russian forces on Ukraine's borders as of January 12, 2022

Fed’s Jay Powell refuses to rule out a series of aggressive rate hikes US central bank president’s hawkish stance triggers a sharp selloff in stock markets.

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