Financial management of Rajasthan better than that of the Centre: Gehlot


Amid opposition pointing to the “mismatch in budget announcements and resources”, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday defended the proposals saying the government has already fulfilled 85% of previous budget announcements and that the State financial management is better than central government.

Responding to the budget debate in the Assembly, Gehlot said there were 581 announcements in the budget of which 60 have already been approved.

Earlier, opposition leader Gulab Chand Kataria attacked the Gehlot government over the budget announcements, seeking to know how the government will organize funds to implement the proposals.

Dodging Kataria’s questions, Gehlot said, “Anyone can stand up and read the numbers. If nothing is happening (as you claim), then how come 85% of our budget proposals have been implemented? And we also delivered on 70% of our survey manifesto promises. He said “the budget is being discussed not only in Rajasthan but across the country.”

“What’s the point of quoting figures of 1, 2 or 5 years? They’re in the books, they can’t be wrong. When your party was in power, the leaders were the same. So what’s the point of debating it? We should have discussed the shortcomings instead,” the CM said.

Gehlot said 45,000 suggestions received from people in different segments of society were taken into account when preparing the budget.

He attacked the central government for not helping the state financially as it should have. He said that according to the recommendations of the 15th Finance Committee, the states’ share of central taxes is 41%, but the state receives only 30-33%. “Rajasthan’s share for 2022-2023 is Rs 68,136 crore out of which the state will get only Rs 49,211 crore, which is Rs 18,925 crore less. Last time too, there was a shortfall of Rs 15,000 crore.

He said the Modi government’s talk of a $5 trillion economy “will remain a dream”. “But we will raise our (state) economy to Rs 15-lakh crore. The state gross domestic product (GSDP) increased from Rs 9.11 lakh crore in 2018-19 to Rs 11.96 lakh crore in 2021-22. The state scores better than the Government of India (GoI) on various metrics. »

Citing data to back up his claim, he said the state’s estimated budget deficit for 2022-23 is 5.8% while GoI’s is 6.4%. Similarly, the government revenue deficit was 4.34% in 2020-21 and the GoI deficit was 7.3%. “For 2022-23, the state estimate is 1.7% while the GoI’s is 3.8%,” he said.

He listed the reduction of subsidies and financial aid by the Modi government. “The DAP fertilizer subsidy has decreased by 24.9%, the food subsidy by 27.8%, the oil subsidy by 10.8% and the MGNREGA budget by 25.5%,” he said.

The CM said loans worth around Rs 15,000 crore from 22 million farmers had been cancelled. Regarding his job guarantee scheme for urban areas, named after Indira Gandhi, he said the Union government should also implement it and “it can change its name”.

Among the major announcements, the CM proposed the establishment of a high-level committee responsible for examining the request for the creation of new districts, which will submit a report in six months.


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