morning, both of which were posted on the Investor Relations page on Provident’s website, and on Lakeland’s website,

It is now my pleasure to introduce Tony Labozzetta, who will provide his perspective on this important transaction. Tony?

Anthony J. Labozzetta

President, CEO and Director, Provident Financial Services, Inc.

Thanks Ben and hello everyone. We are extremely pleased to announce this transformational combination of two exceptional organizations that will form the Premier New Jersey Super-Community Bank. It is particularly gratifying to embark on this adventure with Tom Shara and our colleagues from the Lakeland Bank team whom we have held in high esteem for many years.

This merger will combine two leading banks that bring together like-minded cultures with an unwavering commitment to employee experience, as well as a diverse group of employees who are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience. The size and strong financial performance of the combined organization will allow us to continue investing for the future, better compete for market share and strengthen our commitment to best serve our customers and communities.

As a result, the strategic combination accelerates our growth objectives, which will create excellent value for all of our shareholders. Tom Lyons and I will walk you through the presentation of the merger transaction. At the end of our prepared statements, we will be happy to answer your questions. Before I do that, I’m going to turn it over to Tom Shara for his perspective. To M?

Thomas J. Shara

President and CEO, Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.

Thank you, Tony, and good morning everyone. We are very pleased to announce the merger of our two successful banks. Tony, Chris and I have been talking about creating this type of transformative combination for some time. We believe the combined company will create strong shareholder returns, tremendous value propositions for our customers, provide an exceptional work experience for our associates, and support and serve our communities. We also believe scale matters to invest in top talent, deliver the technology solutions our customers and employees want and need, invest in building a best in class enterprise risk management system and, above all, to make significant investments in companies where we can continue to distinguish ourselves. We believe this strategic combination provides that necessary scale.

Now, I’d like to turn the floor over to Tony to lead the discussion on the attributes and merits of the transaction. Tony?

Anthony J. Labozzetta

President, CEO and Director, Provident Financial Services, Inc.

Thanks Tom. I would like to start on page 7 of our presentation to investors. We emphasize that the combined company will be well positioned to benefit from increased scale and better opportunities for growth and profitability.

The transaction strengthens the positions of Provident and Lakeland as leading players in the Three States commercial real estate market. Additionally, it presents opportunities for further growth and relationship expansion in Provident’s two ancillary services. paying lines of business, insurance and wealth management and in Lakeland’s growing asset lending and equipment leasing finance business.


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