How is Vyapar app disrupting the field of MSME financial management in India?


As of May 2021, over 6.3 crore of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) were registered in India, and their numbers are only expected to increase over time. Despite the growing number of MSMEs in India, they all face the same struggle. They are unable to keep up with the growth they end up seeing over time and are overwhelmed. Once overwhelmed, they tend to mismanage their business due to improper bookkeeping, inadequate financial knowledge, or simply improper record keeping. These issues lead to the eventual loss of their business, which can be easily avoided in most cases. This is exactly the problem that the Vyapar application set out to solve.

The Vyapar app was designed to help MSME business owners manage their finances with ease. While facilitating the process was a help, they also ensured that their finances were GST compliant. This is one of the critical areas where many businesses fail and suffer losses over time – the app simplifies the process. Plus, Vyapar software helps you collect payments faster, track potential inventory losses, ensure sufficient cash flow to run your business, and more. One of the essential aspects of any business is sales and inventory management. Yet with their user-friendly interface and the ability to access detailed reports at the click of a button, they are disrupting the current fintech space in India.

There are many apps for people who need simple billing software, but Vyapar App takes it one step further. Their product conforms to the requirements of an MSME business owner and has organized a set of features specifically for them. Some of their main features include the ability to create estimates and quotes, GST invoicing and invoicing, accounting, and inventory management. These help the business owner to focus on his business rather than wasting his precious time keeping the books.

What sets them apart is that they offer a version suitable for mobile and free for life. It provides the perfect solution for MSME owners who cannot afford a considerable accounting department to manage their finances.

This is why they are one of the most popular financial management software on the market. This is evident as their user base creates over 400 lakh bills per month. As the country is riding the wave of digital revolution as well, financial management apps like the Vyapar app are also changing the digital space and creating positive change in the lives of business people. Whereas before, accounting meant spending hours on mundane tasks, now business owners can manage their inventory and billing systems in real time.

By allowing their users to use their app for free with awesome features like data backup and security, printer compatibility and even an offline version to use, they are pushing the boundaries of the fintech space in India. Vyapar software has many features to easily manage your daily activities. Since their launch in 2016, they have seen over 5 million downloads with a 4.7-star rating on the Play Store.

Overall, the Vyapar app offers a great one-stop business accounting solution for MSME business owners who struggle to keep up with their current financial systems and are looking for a reliable digital upgrade.


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