I hope the financial services industry will move to a new capital: OJK


We still have time before 2024; so please start planning and designing the relocation process

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The head of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has expressed hope that the national financial services industry will relocate to Nusantara once it is designated as the new national capital.

“We have shown synergy, strong collaboration and proper support, and I have no further expectations, but the entire financial services industry will move to Nusantara City on its first day as a new capital.” , Mahendra Siregar said at the closing ceremony of Financial Inclusion Month 2022 here on Saturday.

While informing that the OJK will also move to the new capital, he urged the leaders of the financial services companies to devote time to visit and inspect the new capital site in East Kalimantan.

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“We still have time before 2024. So please start planning and designing the relocation process,” the OJK chief said.

East Kalimantan’s huge economic potential could accelerate national economic growth, he added.

“East Kalimantan itself is as big as the island of Java. Just imagine that Indonesia recorded such development with only the island of Java as its mainstay. Imagine that if we develop it further,” Siregar said. .

The head of the OJK warned that the inability of a part of the concerned stakeholders to synergize and collaborate will render the economic potential of the island of Kalimantan useless.

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Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed confidence that construction progress in Nusantara will become more visible in January 2023 as the development of the new capital progresses.

It is also expected that the development of buildings and sites for the private sector will continue alongside government buildings to mark the new capital as the new economic hub, he added.

“Next January, God willing, besides (the further development) of government buildings, the private sector, investors and public-private partnership players will also start their activities (in the new capital). new capital the new center, and we hope that progress will continue,” the president said.

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