IDOS launches its flagship product “Digital CFO”, an integrated platform for accounting, financial management and reporting


A single platform with powerful features that helps you streamline your financial goals

Today, IDOS announced the launch of its flagship product “Digital CFO”, an integrated and automated bookkeeping, accounting, financial management and reporting platform for professional service providers, enabling firms to accounting and auditing to benefit from digital technology that enables them to manage routine bookkeeping, bookkeeping and reporting through automation, and then enables them to leverage data for growth and profitability.

Digital CFO, for ICAI members, will perform the following functions:

  • Free use for the first five exercises
  • Free upgrades and updates for all CA cabinets new features and capabilities
  • Quarterly updates and new features based on input from ICAI and its members
  • Enable CA professionals to unify and standardize accounting and auditing practices
  • Free online training

Among its value additions, Digital CFO automatically posts journal entries, prepares trial balance, P&L account and balance sheet. Digital CFO, is functionally designed by Chartered Accountants with deep domain knowledge and a good understanding of technology.

Digital CFO is an integrated and automated future-proof technology platform built on a highly scalable open-source technology stack and hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure).

The platform has advanced features such as:

  • Automated accounting
  • Record in general ledger in accordance with TPS/TDS and internal controls
  • Trial balance, ledgers, inventory report, dashboard and other company/branch/project level analytics with one click
  • Real-time decision making
  • Real-time analysis of the age of receivables and payables and analysis of behavior
  • Manage travel expense claims, expense reports, expense reimbursements, and implement eligibility standards and other internal financial controls to fully automate expense claim management and accounting.
  • Generate real-time TDS report
  • API integration with SAP
  • Provides a full audit trail of transactions and detailed reports to investigate the source of the transaction, including supporting documents

Cheruku Srikanth, Founder and CEO of Digital CFO, said, “Digital CFO was designed with the goal of empowering organizations with accurate and reliable financial information. It is functionally designed by Chartered Accountants with deep domain knowledge and understanding of technology. And it continues to grow with the ambition to promote compliance in accounting and financial management through the simplification of the membership process.

Digital CFO is the only accounting and financial management technology allowing use in several languages ​​in real time. The user interface and design makes multilingual capability seamless. It supports more than 10 Indian languages. The platform also has built-in integration with Microsoft Excel, through which one can connect to Digital CFO directly from Excel and pull reports and generate charts automatically, eliminating the need for importing and editing. ‘export to Excel. It provides the ability to use different business-relevant features and capabilities and disable other features with a single click. It also automates key financial operations aside from transaction processing and supports smart reporting using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The future Digital CFO roadmap aims to provide voice-based transaction processing, integration with banks for supply chain finance, integrated audit tools and automation of routine audit processes, integrated digital lending capabilities in partnership with major banks and integrated computer vision capabilities to read and capture information from scanned images.

About Digital CFO

IDOS is a digital CFO. Accounting and financial management software that completely automates common bookkeeping, accounting and financial management processes. Digital CFO automatically makes journal entries, prepares trial balance, P&L account, balance sheet and also all accounting and financial reports.


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