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See you next week Pocket Gamer goes online in Helsinki you’ll learn the ins and outs of financial management with the CFO Insider track.

Our returning event in Helsinki will take place next week, September 27-28, and it’s shaping up to be our biggest show in the region by any measure. We have put together an incredible lineup where 1,500 industry attendees can learn from 200 expert speakers on 21 tracks.

As we prepared for the event, we highlighted each of our conference tracks, today being no different. Today’s showcase is the CFO Insider track, where our speakers will share their practical tips and insights on creating financial security and success for your business.

Many thanks to our track sponsors Pollen VC who made this track possible. Pollen VC provides flexible lines of credit to mobile app and game developers, allowing you to borrow up to 4x your monthly income on a simple and transparent interest rate basis. They allow you to unlock the value trapped in your platform receivables (AR) and also in your existing marketing cohorts, giving you an elastic line of credit that flexes as your business grows. Capital can be quickly reinvested into user acquisition to drive growth without relying solely on dilutive venture capital funding.

September 27: CFO Insider

14:50 – Martin Macmillan of Pollen VC kicks things off with a focused session on how to measure and compare the financial returns of spending on UA.

15:10 – Get the best insights from mobile gaming CFOs on how to navigate today’s economic climate. This panel includes Martin Macmillan, Riley Andersen from Umami Games, Markus Vahtola from Fingersoft, Henri Holm from Sandsoft and Play Ventures Anton Backman.

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Our Helsinki show is coming sooner than you think, and if you’re looking to get a front row seat to these sessions and connect with our amazing speakers, it’s time to book your ticket now.


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