Loans for the self-employed from private


Loans for the self-employed from private are not only realistic. For private donors, corporate investments are considered, and with appropriate protection, even an exceptionally good investment. The expected interest rate is comparatively high for investors, although the credit risk remains manageable.

Loans for the self-employed from private – uncomplicated corporate financing

Loans for the self-employed from private - uncomplicated corporate financing


It is usually extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive to obtain credit as an entrepreneur. The local banks, which should actually give the entrepreneur a vote of confidence, are not geared towards corporate financing. Loans for business start-ups via the house bank and a overdraft facility for the business account are also possible. If these options are exhausted, practically every house bank becomes extremely inflexible.

It is not uncommon for the clerks to be overwhelmed when it comes to assessing credit risk or only able to act to a very limited extent due to management guidelines. Loans for the self-employed from private offer the way out of the credit crunch. The improved credit opportunities do not derive from the higher competence of private small investors.

You can’t look into the future of the company any more than a bank clerk can. It is the nature of personal loans that improves opportunities. Donors generally do not make financing decisions that risk large sums. A small loss may be annoying, but it is not existential. The enthusiasm for a business idea is there.

Convince private investors

Convince private investors


Loans for the self-employed are particularly dependent on a well-formulated credit description. The key messages must be kept verifiable. In terms of content, the self-confidence of a seasoned entrepreneur can be felt without appearing arrogant. An entrepreneur doesn’t beg for credit. He sets goals that he will achieve.

Entrepreneur loans are trust loans. It is the trust in the business idea and in the established “doer” who will successfully implement this idea. If known company names belong to the customer base, these names should of course not be missing in the description.

In addition to the convincing content of the loan request, the orthography must also be observed. Neither tapeworm sets nor typing errors should spoil the impression. Let the text rest for a day before reworking it. Rapid publications and later corrections reduce the credit outlook. An entrepreneur plans ahead. Supplements that are required several times give the impression of lack of planning.

Use help from the portals

Use help from the portals


The portals are increasingly moving towards checking credit requests from entrepreneurs. To protect investors, windy business ideas and high credit risks should disappear from the platforms. If there is a seasoned successful entrepreneur behind the credit request, he does not have to fear the preliminary credit check. Ultimately, it guarantees an investor’s trust.

The certificates and property collateral offered increase the chance of making loans for the self-employed from private, approvable.