Meet Brandon Trammell of Purpose Financial Insurance, one of the North Bay Business Journal’s 2019 Forty Under 40s


Brandon Trammell, 39, founder and financial advisor of Novato’s Purpose Financial Insurance Services, is one of the North Bay Business Journal’s 40 Notable Young Professionals for 2019.

Responsibilities with your company: business development, marketing, business strategy and operations, compliance management, sales consulting and planning, customer and supplier relationship management.

How do you illustrate the spirit of being one of the best professionals under 40? : I am dedicated to co-creating a future for our community that is economically sustainable, financially stable, and is a catalyst for positive social and environmental change through business.

Years in the company: 5

Duration in current position: 5 years

Number of employees: 0

Greatest Professional Achievement: Establish a value-driven, goal-driven business anchored in a strong customer-centric process.

Biggest Business Challenge: Building a value-driven, goal-driven business anchored in a strong customer-centric process. But seriously: the biggest challenge I face is helping clients understand, and change if necessary, their relationship to money. Understanding how we feel and deal with money is the most important step in ensuring our current and future financial well-being. The long-term health of our local economy depends on the financial empowerment of our citizens (and all people).

Best Advice Received: No matter what group, family, organization, business or community you are a part of … always strive to leave it better than you found.

The most important event of your professional life during the last 12 months: Starting my own practice, without a doubt.

What steps is your business taking to support your organization and morale in today’s economy? : Provide a thought leadership role in my industry and our community to help support & Co create the new economy.

Next professional goal: To establish a non-profit organization around the education and support of disadvantaged and underserved populations in the field of personal finance and investment.

Education: Chico State – Child Development, Primary Education Sonoma State University – Sociology

Birthplace: Prunedale, California

Community / Non-Profit Activities: Petaluma Rotary – active member; Chop’s Teen Club – volunteer and contributor; National Brain Tumor Society – volunteer; Daily acts – voluntary; Petaluma Chamber – Chairman of the Conscious Affairs Committee; Member of the Board of Directors of Conscious Capitalism Bay Area; North Bay Chair Junior realization Bay Area – volunteer; Petaluma Leadership Graduate – 2018

Admired Mentor / Businessman: Kat Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of Beneficial State Bank. I admire his tenacity and his mission – to positively change the banking system as we know it by creating a better model that benefits everyone. She is also a mentor to me, helping me in my mission to do the same in the insurance and investment industry.

What’s your most hated buzzword? : “It’s not personal, it’s just for business.”

Typical day in the office: review unfinished business from previous days, write down goals and priorities for the day, respond to emails, make appointments with clients, make follow-up calls and prepare cases, do some form of personal / professional development.

Best place to work outside of your office: workplace or clients’ homes

Hobbies: Voice over, golf, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, kayaking, pretty much anything that takes me outdoors and in the water!

What did you want to be when you grew up? : Firefighter or teacher – since I can remember I have always been connected to serving my community and helping others.

The first thing you want to accomplish at the age of 40: starting my business was my # 1 goal, now that I’ve accomplished that goal is to finish my book!

First job: Busboy a The Giant Artichoke

Social networks you use the most: Facebook and Instagram

Favorite Book: “Firms of Endearment” – Raj Sisodia

Favorite movie: “The Godfather”

Favorite drink after work: Sparkling water and lime

Latest vacation: New York

What does your mom or dad boast about the most? : My level of involvement in the community.

Favorite app: Wally


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