Rokos is hiring an iPad butler


Want to be the technician and personal nanny for Chris Rokos’ home theater rig? This might be your chance.

Rokos Capital Management is advertising for a “VIP Support Engineer” to “provide VIP support to a senior member of our partnership board and his family.” The warrant covers “a wide range of audio-visual services at properties around the world, primarily involving Apple devices.”

The announcement keep on going:

While this person owns all of the home entertainment services for that person, they will also be involved in managing and supporting our wider business infrastructure. Automation and standardization are key – the environment should be self-sustaining, scalable and secure as much as possible.

Your responsibilities will include:

Daily technical support for a senior member of our Partnership Board, covering both his professional and personal life and that of his family.

Resolve – proactively and in a timely manner – all reported incidents, providing on-site and remote support.

Communicate directly with the RCM Partnership Board and their personal teams to ensure a superior IT support experience.

Commitment to travel to other offices and home locations around the world and willingness to provide after-hours support.

Rokos Capital Management is one of the largest macro hedge funds in the world, with approximately $14.5 billion in assets. it’s been a good race after a mediocre to nil 2021. Nevertheless, potential candidates should know that Rokos himself brought home £509.4 million in the year ending March 2021, which is enough to purchase up to 463,512 iPhone 14 Pros, so the scale of the task is incalculable.

The request for VIPIT support follows the departure at the start of the year of Andrew Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Rokoswhose directory motto remains on the “Life at the RCM” Company Website:

“I would feel like I’m missing out on something pretty big if I wasn’t part of the team here,” he says, not specifying whether the now-missed responsibilities include handling boss bug fixes and important security updates.

The ad continues:

In order to get the most out of this role, you will need to have:

In-depth knowledge of Apple and Crestron devices, with an understanding of the future roadmap for these products.

Full understanding of Apple media products and features, e.g. Apple TV, HomePod, iPad, iPhone, Family Sharing, iTunes, Photos.

Strong experience with a range of high end audio visual systems.

Experience in accompanying executives and/or VIP families.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to explain technical concepts to end users in a clear and concise manner.

An ability to liaise and collaborate with a wide range of corporate staff and personnel.

A proactive approach, very strong ownership and attention to detail.

A strong academic background (minimum 2.1 degree from a Russell Group university and A levels at grade A*/A/B – or international equivalents – are much preferred).

At least 3 years of relevant professional experience.

Pixel-perfect, with the LinkedIn ad live for two weeks, 66 candidates had applied through the site.

Those who do not have three years of relevant professional experience in the field of connecting things may wish to consider the possibility of joining the Rokos executive counsel support team, whose responsibilities are “a combination of professional and personal support”, including “the coordination of family events, events, vacations, education and activities”.

Publicity-shy Rokos is known for his ruthless approach to recruiting, giving underperforming marketers little chance of turning things around and treating their first year on the job like a protracted interview. Job retention could therefore depend not only on knowing a Lightning cable from a USB-C, but on Apple repair. the roach motel which is IOS 16. Good luck to all of the candidates.

(H/T Toby Nangle)


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