Strategic Healthcare Financial Management


Address challenges and uncover opportunities for nonprofit providers

Not-for-profit providers face unique challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to strategic health care financial management.

This course will describe the critical operational and strategic challenges faced by nonprofit organizations that provide health care services to the public, either as a core or ancillary mission. We will address three fundamental issues: (1) financial management through revenue cycle management (RCM); (2) coding and compliance; and (3) strategic imperatives.

Course objective: Provide organizations with an understanding of financial management through revenue cycle management, coding and compliance.

Learning outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the imperatives of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) – what it is, how it affects non-profit organizations (NPOs), and how to assess/resolve issues
  • Understand the key requirements of compliance coding and the risk posed to an NFP by not fully complying
  • Analyze strategic challenges and opportunities to better understand/advise customers through considerations such as growth, marketing and new products

1.0 CPE Credit in Accounting


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