The Office of Financial Management is hosting a free event to help people avoid scammers


A FINANCIAL management company is hosting a free session with expert advice on how to avoid being scammed.

The Financial Management Bureau, Kendal will host the event on 25 May from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at the BMF offices at Shenstone House.

Stop Scams UK says it has received reports of 75,000 suspicious calls since it set up its 159 reporting number in September.

A Lloyds Bank study published this month also found a 155% increase in scam reports on Instagram over the past year.

Scams of all types have increased during the pandemic as people spend more time online, but FMB chief executive Liz Beavis says other types of fraud are still a major concern.

“I think almost everyone has experienced a scam attempt at some point,” Liz said.

“Often this can be done online, but fraudulent phone calls and even door-to-door scams still claim victims and bring misery to many.

“At FMB, we believe in supporting our clients with excellent financial advice, but also providing service to the local community wherever we can. Often scammers target the most vulnerable, including the elderly, so we think it’s important to do what we can to help.

“Scamming can be truly devastating to people’s lives and as their methods become more advanced, we could all potentially be exposed to these types of fraudsters.”

The session will be led by FMB ‘SCAM Champion’ Richard Jennings as part of the National Trading Standards Friends Against Scams initiative.

Richard will cover the types of scams that exist, how to avoid becoming a victim, how to spot people who might be victims themselves, and how to help your family and friends.

Liz said: “We encourage people to come and find out more themselves or bring vulnerable friends or relatives who they think could benefit.”

People can book their place by calling FMB on 01539 725855 or emailing [email protected] More information about Friends Against Scams can be found at


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