The Vyapar app simplifies the financial management of MSMEs


Financial management is the key to business success. There is no rebuttal of this fact, but despite this, many business owners are just not careful enough. India has around 6.3 million MSMEs, which contributes around 29% of GDP through its national and international trade. 70% of businesses in India are micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and many business owners cannot keep up with growing their business. One of the contributing factors is the management of financial assets. On top of that, many of them also struggle to keep up with digital systems which are supposed to facilitate the process but don’t actually do it. When they can’t afford better systems, hire skilled accountants, and practice better financial management, they tend to lose control of their business.

To solve this problem, Simply Vyapar Apps Private Limited was launched in 2016 with the aim of making it easier for MSME owners to run their business. Accounting can be time consuming, but they have complete and accurate financial reports right at your fingertips with the app. Vyapar App is a business accounting application which helps the user to store and access all of their financial data in one place. In addition to offering an accounting solution, they also provide functionality for inventory tracking, customer and supplier management, invoice generation, barcode management, online cataloging and even order tracking. .
Using Vyapar software, you can send free transaction messages, payment reminders, generate electronic invoices, delivery calls, generate financial reports and much more!

By providing so many features on one software, they have enabled the growth of many MSME companies in the country. Until now, many business owners suffered from the fact that they had to use different apps for different purposes resulting in increased cost and effort. But by using this simplest single solution, they can manage their finances and get creative. The software gives them the ability to customize their dashboard and other software features to suit their individual needs. MSMEs were able to present themselves professionally and also see an increase in business.

One of the key points that many of their users talk about is that when the GST reporting process was introduced it was difficult to manage as you would need an accountant with strong financial knowledge. But now they can retrieve GST report directly from software in government prescribed format in Excel. Later, they can convert the Excel file to JSON format using the offline utility tool available on the GST portal. The user can now download the JSON file by logging into the GST portal. This shows how the Vyapar Apps team has taken into account the concerns of its users and adapted the software over time.

You can use Vyapar software offline in one device. The software can be synchronized on both mobile and computer, which also increases user accessibility. The software contains everything an MSME business owner is looking for, from creating estimates and quotes and invoicing to tracking business performance and inventory. They also identified how expensive the use of such an app can be for their users, so their mobile version is free for life. Even their premium license for both devices (Mobile and Desktop) is available at the nominal price of INR 2399 for an entire year.

Overall, no other service on the market simplifies business and financial management for MSME business owners like Vyapar App does. It is available for download from the Play Store and can be done in two languages ​​- English and Hindi. This will be a top notch option if you are looking to simplify financial management and grow your business.


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