Yuanta-FJCU Dreams Take Flight Project “Financial Management Day” Accompanies Students in Remote Areas to Fulfill Their Dreams


Yuanta Financial Holding Company (HCF) and Yuanta Cultural and Educational Foundation (Foundation) have long been involved in social welfare and committed to helping students and cultivating talents.

Since 2011, Yuanta FHC and the Yuanta Foundation have worked with Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) to promote the Yuanta-FJCU Dreams Take Flight Project promotion of talent for remote regions. For the past twelve years, we have accompanied students from remote areas to build their dreams one step at a time without any hindrance. We recently organized a “Yuanta Financial Management Day” event with the project’s partner school, Taoyuan Municipal Xin Wu High Schoolinviting Yuanta Group colleagues to serve as instructors and explain the importance of risk and risk management to students through interactive games to deepen the concept of financial management. The instructors also shared their study and job search experiences to develop the students’ career imaginations. The instructors received unanimous praise from the students, who all spoke with one voice about all they had benefited from.

The Yuanta Foundation points out that attitude determines size and that size can expand the span of life. Students are encouraged to make various attempts, to continue learning and to “push” themselves step by step, and then they will see their own landscape. Principal of Xin Wu High School, Ta Kui Chen, said: “Life is an infinite game. There is no time limit or number of registrations. The ultimate goal is to make you better and more progressive every day. He encouraged students to participate in various activities and learn with “infinite thinking” to shape their future.

A group of professional and enthusiastic financial management instructors from Yuanta Securities and Yuanta Futures started by quoting At Warren Buffett’s famous quote “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” to emphasize the importance of risk management. The instructors started with the “Marshmallow Challenge” game, which conveyed the concept of “team” cooperation and led the students to plan different disciplines, such as how to get rich and accumulate professional knowledge during the year. academically to achieve set goals.

Chiu, a Yuanta Funds instructor who shared his career experience, said behind a financial management lesson there is deep meaning, and he hopes to spark children’s imaginations about their future. There were five students who received the scholarship from Yuanta-FJCU Dreams Take Flight Project at the event. Lee, one of the recipients, a junior at Xin Wu High School, said she originally set her sights on a career in finance, and after the lesson she was “even more determined to achieve her goal.” The event also invited Dibe, a professional event host and alumnus of Xin Wu High School, back to school to share her slash life, from nurse to accommodation expertise. She revealed that if a similar course had been offered in high school, “my career would have gone much smoother! »

The Yuanta Foundation champions the spirit of “what’s taken from society is used in society” to help the underprivileged stay in school long term, and partners with FJCU to create the social service project “Dreams Take Flight” to protect the rights of students to receive an equitable, high-quality education, and to provide the strongest support to children in remote or disadvantaged urban areas who want to learn. To date, we’ve helped 1,770 people, filling every dream that took flight with hope and strength.

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