Zoe Announces Partnership with Women-Led Wealth Management Company Creative Financial Services


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Zoe, a wealth management platform that connects clients to the top five percent of wealth management advisors in the country, announced its partnership with Creative Financial Services. Recognized as one of Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies, Zoe is known for having a meticulous vetting process to qualify companies for admission to their exclusive network of advisors.

Creative Financial Services (CFS) is a women-owned registered investment advisory firm (RIA) headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Founded in 1999 and led by Jill Isbell, CFP®, CFS was born from the belief that empowering people through knowledge and understanding is the key ingredient to achieving important financial goals.

CFS’ philosophy is that a sound financial planning process is the best way to create a financially secure life and is the cornerstone of its services. Creative Financial Services advisors use their expertise and experience to develop bespoke plans to unlock their clients’ peace of mind. Additionally, the firm develops long-term partnerships with its clients through mutual integrity, respect, and a willingness to work together toward a common goal. Creative Financial Services manages $60 million in assets for over 200 clients with a very personal approach to wealth planning.

“When beginning their journey with a wealth planner, clients often focus on the immediate numbers, which leads them to lose sight of the big picture. Stellar Advisors know how to help them see the big picture. together and understand what it takes to achieve their long-term financial goals. Creative Financial Services’ structured approach to guiding its clients is thorough and effective,” said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®, Founder and CEO of Zoe.” The firm has been a great addition to our exclusive network. We are proud to partner with the firm’s expert and trusted advisors.”

The RIA team recognizes that protecting wealth and understanding the client are essential parts of a financial plan. Once they fully understand their clients’ immediate needs and goals, they present a prudent strategy to protect and grow their wealth. Then, Creative Financial Services advisors have the expertise to make continuous adjustments as things change in clients’ professional and personal lives. The company has deep knowledge in areas that support individuals, families and business owners. Whether it’s retirement, estate, investment or tax planning, the firm’s unique approach is to create strategies that protect their clients’ needs while planning for the future in a tax-efficient manner.

“We’ve worked with Zoe for a while now, and it’s been a rewarding experience. It’s rewarding to meet potential clients who are serious about their financial life and are looking for professional help. We’re excited to see what will be the future of our partnership will bring for us and for other clients nationwide,” said Jill Isbell, CFP®, owner and senior advisor at Creative Financial Services.

To learn more about Zoe, visit www.zoefin.com.

Apply to join the Zoe Advisor Network at http://www.zoefin.com/join-as-an-advisor/

Learn more about Creative Financial Services at https://www.create-wealth.com/

About Zoe

Zoe was founded with a mission: to accelerate wealth creation through exceptional customer experience and innovative technology. The company’s human experts, combined with powerful technology, take the friction out of the process of finding and hiring a financial advisor. Through the Zoe platform, you’ll connect with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States based on your unique financial situation and goals. The carefully curated network of financial advisers aligned with Zoe’s interests includes only the wealthiest 5% in the country.


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Zoe Announces Partnership with Women-Led Wealth Management Company Creative Financial Services


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